2017 Artists

Maiden Loliland
Nana Marchae
Offbeat and Whimsical
Silver Lining Comics
Babs Webb

Star Glazed Delights
Sssonny w/ Kelly and Sons
Rockin’ Robin
The Purple Pumpkin
Frenchy Designs
Bimbo Gamer
Sweet Sheep Studio

Bubbles N Fizz
Cute ‘n’ Deadly
SaBasse Studios
Aria w/ Magenta
J. Max Geek Shack
Alexandra Brodt Illustration

Lost Girls Traveling Emporium
Shippy Things
The Metallic Sheep
Macaroni Matt
Majikah Perfumery
jdelgado! (AKA Dreamgear Studios)
Wild Hybrid
Miss Octopie

Banner featuring art by Abbie Sears of Onspire Art

What is the Artist Alley?

  • The Artist Alley is where you can find handmade and original works from artists of all kinds! You can find it all here, from fan art to custom jewelry, there is no craft too big or drawing too small for the elite and incredible artists of Izumicon!

What makes the Artist Alley different from the Dealer’s Room?

  • Lots of things! Much of the works found here are one of a kind. Some artists may also do commissions, meaning you can pay for an artist to draw exactly what you want in their style. In the alley, you can find some of Oklahoma’s, and even the US’s, best artists.

Where is Artist Alley?

  • Artist Alley is on the second floor in front of Dealers Room, Main Events, and Ballroom D.


  • Opens at 3pm
  • Closes at 8pm


  • Opens at 10am
  • Closes at 8pm


  • Opens at 10am
  • Closes at 4pm