Welcome Cosplayers and Spectators Alike!

The Izumicon Cosplay Contests are open to competitors of all ages and skill levels.  Contests include: Cosplay Theatre (skits), Cosplay Craftsmanship, and Hallway Cosplay Contest. The contest winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded, following the Cosplay Theatre competition Saturday evening.

If you would like to participate, please take a moment to read the rules.

Prizes & Awards

  • Best of Show: $75, 2018 Convention Pass, and Trophy

  • Best Craftsmanship – Novice: $25 and Trophy

  • Best Craftsmanship – Journeyman: $50 and Trophy

  • Best Craftsmanship – Master: $75 and Trophy

  • Best Youth Costume (Age 15 and Under): $25 and Certificate

  • *Judges’ Awards (possible)*: Certificate and Judges Prize

  • Cosplay Theatre Winner: $50 per Entry and Trophy

  • Cosplay Theatre Judge’s Choice: Certificate and Judges Prize

  • Hallway Cosplay Winner: Certificate

Contest Rules

** These rules are subject to change or revision at any time and apply to all contests.**  Any questions should be directed to the Cosplay Coordinator whose decision is final. **


NOTE: Previous winners for Izumicon costume and skit contests, past or present year, are not eligible. (Others deserve a chance too.)

a) All participants must be registered for Izumicon 2017, and have their badges clearly displayed during contest sign-in and judging.

b) Izumicon is a celebration of Anime, Manga, and Asian Popular Culture (including video games), however cosplay entries are not limited to this theme. All Cosplay fandoms are welcome!

c) Izumicon is a family friendly convention.  All skits and costumes are required to be considerate of this.  Consider whether it would be acceptable for an average eight-year-old or a PG rating (see The Motion Picture Association of America for more details).  The final decision about whether material is appropriate for the Izumicon Stage will be made by the Events Director.

d)  Store bought costumes or commercially commissioned pieces are ineligible for Craftsmanship Judging.

e)  Found-Item costumes are eligible for Craftsmanship Judging, if they have been significantly modified* from their original form.  Modifications must be outlined on the entry form.

For example:  “What are we judging you on?  — the shirt was dyed and the insignia added, I cut the hem and re-stitched it to a different length.”  NOT “What are we judging you on?—I bought the shirt and added dirt and blood for effect.”

~ In the event of a dispute, the Events Director’s decision is final. ~

f)  Costumes made with help from any other person must be declared as such and the names of all involved credited on the entry form.  All costumers must be present for the craftsmanship judging.  Any questions regarding this requirement should be directed to the Events Director.


Spent hours, days, maybe even months, crafting your own costume? Whether it’s your first time making your own Cosplay, or a long time passion, enter your fabulous work in the Craftsmanship Judging!

Entry forms for the Craftsmanship Contest will be available 15 minutes before judging begins.  At this time there will also be a sign-up sheet for “judging appointment” times.  You need to be available at least two appointment times before you are scheduled to appear before the judges so that we can keep things on schedule.  All Craftsmanship entries are expected to participate in the evening Fashion Show OR Cosplay Theatre.

If you are involved in a Cosplay Theatre Skit, but would also like to be judged on craftsmanship, please be sure to attend both the craftsmanship judging and cosplay theatre auditions. Thank you.

Music will be provided for the Fashion Show (walk-ons).  The Master of Ceremonies will introduce each contestant.  Please prepare a 50 word -or less- script to be included with your entry.

The judges will be looking at all of the following elements in making their decision:

  • Accuracy of Details 30% — Here we will be considering two things:

Choice of Materials – How well you picked materials to match your character’s design and/or time period. (For example, a character from Le Chevalier D’Eon probably wouldn’t be wearing polyester satin). Are your shoes the right color and the make-up accurate to the character?  Is that a hairstyle seen in your reference materials?  (We will understand if the materiel doesn’t exist outside of a Fantasy world, get as close as you can.)

Accuracy to Original (Reference) – How well does your costume match the character and outfit you chose to replicate.  This includes colors, patterns, and relative scale. Did you try to match seam lines, accessories, or other character traits.  What props did you use to flesh-out the characterization.

  • Costuming Construction Skill 40%  — This element covers the down and dirty construction elements: finished seams, smooth joints, even color coverage, and the like will all be considered.
  • Portfolio (in process photos and reference materials) 15%  –Your portfolio is like a journal with pictures.  Please bring a reference photo or figurine, pictures of you working on the costume, modeling it when finished, samples of the materials you used, and journal entries highlight any trials or enlightenments you encountered along the way.  These will be returned to you and the end of your judging interview and are intended to be used by you in answering questions or demonstrating knowledge.  Your portfolio may be a section of a larger costuming portfolio if you prefer.
  • Presentation/Judging Interview 15% —This is your opportunity to explain your choices to the judges and demonstrate your knowledge of your character and passion for cosplay craftsmanship.  Please be prepared to answer questions from inspiration to material choice.

Notes about Craftsmanship Divisions and Categories:

Not all cosplayers have years of experience or costuming class before creating a new design.  Please see the following guidelines for determining whether you are considered a youth, novice, journeyman, or master of cosplay craftsmanship.

If you are entering as a group, the level will be determined by the judges.  Please note how many in your group are in each category.  Groups are judged as a single entry and will receive the same acknowledgement and prize as an individual entry.  However, groups will be allowed to fill two time slots for judging purposes.

How to determine your division:

YOUTH: Age 15 and under (may have adult help but at least 50% must be crafted by the youth, parents must be present for judging)
NOVICE: Have made 3 or fewer costumes, and won no previous awards.
JOURNEYMAN: Have made 4-10 costumes or won 1 to 4 major awards.
MASTER: Have made 10+ costumes or won 3+ major awards.

Please note that your division may be changed at the Director’s discretion if your Craftsmanship skill seems more comparable to a different division. Awards are classified as follows:  major = best in division or best in show, minor = judges’ awards and awards for creativity, humor, etc.  (if in doubt, ask.)

Cosplay Theatre

If you like to put on a show, then this is the place for you.  Cosplay Theatre is a great place for otaku to show off their script writing, costuming, and acting abilities before an enthusiastic audience.

Audition forms for the Cosplay Theatre will be available 15 minutes before auditions begin.  There will also be a sign-up sheet audition times.  Entrants are expected to bring all props, costumes, and an audio CD (if applicable) to the audition.  Please be available at least ten minutes before you are scheduled to appear before the judges so that we can keep things on schedule.  Auditioning does not guarantee acceptance into the evening’s production.  Judges will select UP TO 15 performances.  A list of those performing in the Cosplay Theatre will be posted or announced 2 hours before call time.* Any who are not selected to perform may pick up tickets allowing them priority seating for the Cosplay Theatre.  You must be present at call time or you will not be allowed to go on.

*call time = when participants are asked to check in with the Events Director to line up and prepare props, etc. for the show).

  • Skit Competition Guidelines
  • All General Rules for Cosplay apply.
  • Entrants must fill out an entry form and attend an audition.
  • Skits are limited to 4 MINUTES (+1 minute to set up and tear down). Soundtracks that run longer will be faded out at 4 minutes.  Performers who refuse to leave the stage at this time will be penalized or disqualified from the competition.
  • All skits must be PG
  • Soundtracks are encouraged, but not required.  Please remember that if you do not pre-record, you will have to project your voice very well to reach past the first two audience rows.  All soundtracks must be presented during auditions.
  • All acrobatics, mock combat, and special effects you wish to perform on stage must be demonstrated and cleared with the Events Director during auditions.  They may be stopped at any time for any reason.
  • Stage dimensions: 8 ft. x 16 ft. & 4 steps up to the stage
  • Any prop weapons involved in your performance must adhere to the Izumicon Weapons Policy and Prop Weapons Guidelines.
  • Additionally, we will have a Master of Ceremonies introducing each piece.
  • Please prepare a short introduction (50 words or less).  This may include your group name, skit title, or brief description (for example, Next is Foxtrot Performers.  They will be doing a skit of Naruto vs. Dragonball—Family Feud Style).  You get the idea.
  • Be creative and have fun!  (It’s the rule.)

* Yaoi and Yuri are 18+ subject matter and not appropriate for this competition.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking at the following elements when making their decision:

Originality & Creativity   10 %           new material, unique presentation, resourceful costumes,

Script                                10 %           word choice, dialogue, appropriateness of material

Visual Appeal                  10 %           staging, props, costumes

Sound Quality                  10 %           quality of soundtrack recording, diction, and vocal projection

Story-line                         10 %           basic plot: rising action, climax, falling action

Characterization               10 %          acting, ability to portray the character as intended

Unity                                10 %          does the cast work together, script match the props, etc.?

Theme                              10 %          Is it related to anime, asian culture, gaming,  etc.?

Audience Response          10 %          Are they crying, laughing, clapping?  Did it engage them?

Overall Effect                   10 %          How well did everything work together?