Welcome Cosplayers!

Have too many cosplay options to choose from? Stages make you nervous? The Hallway Cosplay Contest is for you! Show off your costumes at your convenience. Just come by and get your picture taken!

Winners receive a special certificate and invitation to the Cosplay Winners’ Circle tea on Saturday night.


If you have too many costumes for one contest, don’t like getting up in front of crowds, or really like getting your picture taken….this the perfect contest for you!

During a Hallway Costume Photography time, stop by the table and have your picture taken.  Pictures will go in a slideshow and will be shown prior to the Cosplay Masquerade.  Con-goers will then vote on their favorites.  Being popular has its advantages.  The photo/contestant with the most votes Saturday evening wins.

  • All entries must adhere to the General Cosplay Rules

  • You must be present to win: all cosplay awards will be presented following the cosplay theatre.

Costumes that have won previous Izumicon Contests or Showcases may not be entered in competition.   You may enter a costume only once and for only one contest  during Izumicon.

  • A costume entered in the hallway or craftsmanship contest is allowed to be used in a Cosplay Theatre skit.

Any questions should be directed to the Events Director whose decision is final.