A little about Izumicon...

Bridging the genres of anime with Japanese cultural exhibits, panels, and presentations, Izumicon has spent the last few years growing into an amazing anime convention. With a large number of our attendees choosing Izumicon as their very first convention, Izumicon offers every attendee a family friendly experience with a variety of fun ways to spend the weekend.

Izumicon is currently held at the Renaissance Hotel and Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City, OK. Because the convention is held in central Oklahoma, it's easy for fans to join us from not only Oklahoma, but Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas as well. With confirmed attendees joining us from across the country, it is easy to see why Izumicon promises to be a well-attended event on all fronts.

Our guest line-up always offers a diverse convention experience, including voice actors, ADR directors and industry professionals. Our guests are seasoned veterans in the fields of Anime, television, and film work who have proven to be large fan-draws at previous Anime events. In addition, Izumicon also offers convention sponsored events as well as attendee sponsored panels.

In 2013, Izumicon saw approximately 2,800 attendees, doubling the attendance from 2012. In 2014, we saw 3000 attendees. We are looking forward to our 2015 year and the new surprises we have to offer.

- Izumicon Directors and Staff