Who runs Izumicon?

  • Izumicon is operated by a core group of directors from Oklahoma in conjunction with a few Atlanta based directors. Izumicon is a not-for-profit entity – that means no one makes a profit from the convention- Not the owners, organizers or staff. We do it for the love of fandom and the local community!

What is Izumicon?

  • Izumicon is a 3-day comic and entertainment convention that celebrates comics, science fiction, Japanese anime (cartoons), and video gaming. We offer a variety of events and activities throughout the weekend. Video games, table top games, costume contests, a Reibu, a talent-filled Artist Alley, an expansive Dealer’s Room, and a formal ball are just a few activities included in the convention. We have something for everyone!

Why do you guys do this?

  • We love pop culture, we love making you smile, and we love sharing that love with the uninitiated! By organizing Izumicon every year, we create a safe space for fans to meet, socialize, and enjoy themselves. Comics, scifi, and gaming has had an impact on our lives, and we want to be able to share that with others.