The Attendee

Wear clothing and footwear at ALL times, even when in costume.
Izumicon is a big place, so wear comfortable shoes.

The following are not allowed at Izumicon for safety reasons, whether in costume or not:

  • Bare Feet
  • Stilts (wooden and metal)
  • Roller Skates and blades
  • Skateboards
  • Leashes
  • Loose metal chains

Please look at our Weapons Policy on what weapons are allowed at the convention.


Don’t forget to read the Weapons Policy if you will have a weapon as part of your costume.

  • Be aware that not everybody are anime and manga fans, so they may question if your costume is appropriate. Izumicon is a family friendly convention, so parents with young children will be present.
  • Costumes that too closely resemble law enforcement and medical personnel will not be allowed and will be inspected by Convention Ops. You may be asked to change your costume.
  • Real weapons are NOT allowed as part of your costume.
  • Weapons and/or props that are over 7 feet tall in length are not permitted.
  • Weapons and/or props that weigh 15 lbs. or more are not permitted.
  • Nudity and body paint are NOT costumes. Neither is underwear.
  • Body suits are allowed.
  • The skimpier the costume, the more likely you may be approached by Convention Ops, Hotel Staff, Convention Staff, or local law enforcement. You may be asked to change your costume.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in both venues. No bare feet.
  • Masks can be worn ONLY in the Convention Venues.
  • Bikini costumes are allowed, except thongs.
  • Stilts are not allowed as part of your costume in the convention venues.
  • Signs (hand made and pickets) used for soliciting are not allowed at Izumicon.
    Examples: Free Hugs, Glomp Me, Friendly Advice, $1.00, etc…

The Izumicon Dress Code Policy covers the Cox Convention Center and Renaissance Hotel. Con Ops will be present at all times during the convention. At both venues, you will be under observation, even if you don’t have a weapon or are wearing a costume.

Before taking a photo, please ask your subject if it’s okay. Most people love to be photographed, but you should always ask and get permission. Be aware of your surroundings, as certain areas are crowded with people. Ask who is photographing you that you may want to go to a less crowded location. If you have a weapon as part of your costume, be EXTREMELY careful of crowds walking or running into you, especially if you are posing with a weapon.

In order to protect their own safety and that of others, Izumicon attendees understand, agree
to, and consent that designated Izumicon representatives or security personnel throughout the convention have an absolute right to inspect costumes, weapons, and any other items, and that they will submit to such an inspection. Any attendee must submit their costumes, weapons, and other items to an immediate inspection upon request or must leave the convention. In the event a person declines to submit to an inspection and refuses to leave, they shall be immediately expelled from the convention and escorted off the premises.

Only Izumicon may determine whether any particular item covered by this policy is permitted or not permitted and such determination is solely, exclusively, and absolutely at the discretion of Izumicon. Persons who do not cooperate with the determinations of Izumicon concerning the application of this policy to any particular item may be immediately expelled from the convention.