Leota Manners

Leota Manners has been creating outfits and constructing costumes for over 50 years and holds a bachelor’s of science in apparel design from Oklahoma State University.  She has worked professionally as a designer and costumer for live theatre in Texas and Oklahoma.  Leota has also designed and constructed historical outfits for reenactors recreating life from the 10th century Europe through Victorian America.  Her skills go beyond the sewing machine as she has handcrafted props and created jewelry in a variety of mediums.  In addition to craftsmanship, Leota has spent time in the theatre as a dancer, vocalist, performer, and analyst.  She has studied the elements of quality showmanship and looks forward to seeing what this year’s competition will bring.

Honor Lychee

Starting young, Honor Lychee had been admiring the cosplay scene since she was in the sixth grade. She finally become a part of it in 2011, when she premiered her first cosplay. Ever since, Lychee has been in love and involved with all things nerdy. Hoping to become more integrated with the community, she started hosting panels in 2012, and since then, her panels have been performed at multiple conventions. More recently, Honor Lychee has been featured as a cosplay judge, started hosting workshops, and enjoyed the more refined life as a member of Lolita Fashion. In addition to her costuming achievements, Lychee also dabbles in event directing, working on the board for Cosplay Celebration, Otaku Matsuri, and Collegecon. If you’d like to keep up with her projects and shenanigans, feel free to like her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/honorlychee1) or follow her on Instagram (@Honorlychee).

Dee Rich

Hello, I’m Dee! I’m an Oklahoma-based cosplayer and travel to many of the Dallas area cons. I’ve been cosplaying for about 4 years, in the past I have done costuming which led to my love of cosplay. I’ve worked with Worbla, Foam and many other armor materials, I like to construct cosplays around thrift store finds, making something from nothing is the cosplay way!

I’ve worked behind the scenes with Bacon Samurai for the Dallas Comic-Con after parties and love being a part of any aspect of the cons. My most notable cosplay would most likely be Silver Sable with my personal tendency being cosplays that people do not normally see or know as I love talking about them when asked. I enjoy all types of nerd culture from Firefly and Dr. Who (my car is the Tardis!) to Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek (Deep Space 9 is my fave!), I also am partial to certain Anime such as Ghost in the Shell and DBZ. I spent most of the early WoW years addicted to leveling my mage which I still do when new content drops but Blizzard and their Garrisons frustrated me pre Legion. I enjoy tabletop gaming such as D&D and Settlers of Catan (my current go-to game.) While I’m not as avid with comics as I used to be I still like to settle down with a random pick from the local store or pull out an old favorite if I don’t have any new books in line (but I read novels a LOT.)

I’ve recently spent some time guesting at Geekinomicon, Marvelous Nerd Years Eve and promoting Yogomi.com, a new NerdBlog site. I would say that being part of the Con scene has definitely been something that satisfies the ever-growing nerd in me; there is always a new fandom to be a part of or fellow con-goers enlighten you about something you might never have found alone. After all, sharing your love of geek culture is essentially all a con is about! I can’t wait to meet everyone and see all this community has to offer with their cosplays!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ladydeerich
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladydeerich/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LadyDeeRich/