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Artist Alley applications coming July 1st!

Application Process

  • Every artist interested in getting an Artist Alley table must fill out an application. We will email you a confirmation when we receive your application. Applications will not be accepted after midnight on September 1st.
  • The purpose of the application is to provide us with enough information to determine if your art meets our criteria to receive a table.
  • In the application, we ask for a link to your artwork. The artwork on the link you send us should be representative of the artwork you will bring to sell or display at the convention and should follow our policies. If you do not have a solitary link that displays only the artwork you would like considered, you can email us at with a list of links or attachments. If you do this, please include your name in the subject line so that we can pair your email with your application.

Selection Process

  • The first thing we look at is whether your submission meets the criteria for a table and does not include prohibited art as listed on the artist info page.
  • After that, we will select artists whose works best represent the variety and quality our attendees have come to expect at Izumicon. When choosing artists to receive tables, we will view artists with heavy emphasis on original art more favorably than those who emphasize fan art.
  • We will be accepting applicants after April 1st and will email you once we receive your application. Some artists may be wait-listed for a tables. If you fall into this category, we will let you know via email.
  • If your table request is denied, we will let you know via email. If you would like to know why your request was denied or appeal our decision, you can email us at

Once Approved

  • If you are selected for a table, we will email you a contract to complete and return to us. Contracts must be returned within 2 weeks of your acceptance. If we have not received your contract within 14 days, you will have forfeited your spot and we will place you on the waiting list.
  • Once we have received the contract, you will then be allowed to purchase your table. Tables must be purchased within one week, 7 days, of receiving the invoice, otherwise tables will be forfeited. Your table will be assigned once payment has been received.
  • After the initial acceptance email, we will continue to email you information about picking up your table at the convention and other important information.
  • If you have any questions, please email us at