General Rules

  • All convention rules, as well as all local state and federal laws apply inside the alley.
  • An artist may not sell their table to a third party/another artist without express permission from the Artist Alley Director.
  • No running, screaming, yelling, roughhousing, sparring, etc.
  • No equipment that will produce noxious fumes are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, t-shirt presses, welding equipment, and so forth (if you are unsure about a piece of equipment, ask).
  • No squatting. If you did not pay for the table it is not yours.
  • All displays must be secured and stable. Artists with wobbling stands will be asked to take them down.
  • Displays should be no more than eight feet in height, when measured from the floor
  • No attaching things to the wall.
  • Artist Alley is located in the Cox Center, which is an alcohol and smoke-free facility. No smoking or drinking will be permitted in the alley.
  • No third party sales. Each artist must be selling their own work, not that of other people. Collaborative works, where multiple artists worked on a single project, are acceptable and must be noted beforehand.

Fan Art Policies

  • Fan Art is defined as “an interpretation of an existing character in the artist’s own style, falling under fair use“.
  • Fair Use is defined as “a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work”.
  • If you didn’t come up with the character on your own, but you draw it in your own style, this would be fan art.
  • Fan art must be an original design, drawn in your own style with your own poses and ideas.
    • Tracing, duplication of an existing picture/pose, will be considered blatant copyright infringement and will not be allowed; the use of licensed fonts and logs also falls under copyright infringement.
    • Buttons, pins, hats, t-shirts, jewelry, and bags bearing the likeness of a licensed character are not allowed. This list is not inclusive.
  • If it can be purchased in the dealer’s room as official merchandise it has no place inside artist alley.
  • If an artist has, and can produce proof of, explicit permission from the copyright holder to use, then the items will be allowed. The director must first be contacted and shown proof of this permission. The permission must also be displayed at all times at the table.
    • Parody falls in the fan art category.
    • Celebrity likeness is fan art.
    • Ginjinka (ie: turning something non-human into a human) is fan art, provided the object being portrayed is a licensed product or character.


  • Two types of portfolios may be brought to the convention:
    • Prints for Sale
      • this portfolio contains the artwork that you have brought along prints for sale.
      • over 18 sections must be properly labeled.
    • Display Only
      • this portfolio contains the artwork that you did not bring prints for.
      • this is where your fan art may be displayed for orders to be placed as after convention sales.
      • over 18 sections must be properly labeled.

You may have multiple portfolios so long as you keep track of them and they adhere to the policies. Portfolios can/may be/most likely will be checked by the director over the course of the convention.

Permitted Art Work

  • Original artwork. The more the merrier
  • Fan art
  • Parody work. Existing characters and situations used in a work of parody in the artist’s own style (see Fan Art Section above for rules/details)
  • On-site commissions
  • Original plush toys, dolls, and other similar items. Toys, dolls, and other items depicting the artist’s original designs are allowed
  • Hand-made jewelry
  • T-shirts/bags featuring the artists original designs or work
  • Original/handmade clothing and accessories
  • Original sculptures/figurines

Prohibited Items/Art

  • Duplication/Reproduction of licensed material
  • Reselling of commercial products
  • Food or drink to be sold from table as product
  • Weapons
  • Bootlegs or piracy
  • Mass-produced prints or merchandise
  • Products that can be considered edited/altered for resell
  • Garage sale-like items