Below is a list of panel descriptions for the 2017 Schedule.


ABCs of Japanese Culture
Get to know more about Japan, letter by letter.

Anime Dating Game 18+
Compete with other players for the chance to win senpai.

Anime DJs
We will teach everyone about the art of Disc Jockeying.

Anime Murder Game
Guess whodunnit or join the growing pile of bodies.

Ask the Homestuck Dancestors
Q&A with your favorite “dead”-cestors (maybe win prizes).

After Hours Dance Party
Open to all Izumicon attendees.

BeBop Lounge
Come dance and sip on delicious tonics. Memberships sold at registration.

Caitlin Glass Q&A
Caitlin answers your burning questions about voice acting, directing, singing, fandom, and general nerdiness!

Cosplay Judging 101
Judging demystified.

Cosplay Meet & Greet Tea
Cosplay social tea with the judges.

Dragon Ball Z Tea Party
Join the Z fighters for a party of Bulma’s planning.

End of Homestuck: It Doesn’t End
Let me tell you about Homestuck not being over…

History of Shonen Jump
We will teach you about Shonen Jump’s History.

Homestuck Sleepover
A sleepover Homestuck panel with games.

How to Write a Winning Skit:Take One
Win over the crowd & keep your characters’ personalities intact.

I Don’t Understand What My DM is Saying
An interactive dungeon crawl.

IFGS LARP – Midnight Shuffle
LARP brought by International Fantasy Gaming Society.

Jennifer Hale Q&A
Jennifer answers your burning questions!

Joe Inoue 18+
Here’s your chance to find out about rockin’ musician Joe Inoue! 18+

Kaiba Corp Takeover
A Yu-gi-oh & Yu-gi-oh Abridged panel.

Magical Mania Quiz: Revolution!
The game that tests your magical girl smarts is back.

Marik and Bakura’s Evil Council of Doom
DOOOM! Join Marik & Bakura as we take over the world.

Opening Ceremonies
Get pumped! It’s time for Izumicon!

Navigating the K-Pop Fandom
A 101 guide for new and old K-Pop fans!

Rob Paulsen Q&A
Ask questions of the vocal master behind such great characters as Yakko Warner and two Ninja Turtles!

Sailor Moon Tea Party
Join the Scouts for an out-of-this-world experience

Sword Art Online
Talk with Erica Mendez and Sarah Williams – Yuuki and Lisbeth – from SAO!

Take One Unleashed 18+
This improv show is free from filters and restraints.

Team Ico Fandom
Fandom on Fumito Ueda’s games (Ex:The Last Guardian).

The Bootleg Panel
Come laugh at bootlegs that are so bad they’re amazing.

The Evolution of Fanfiction through Fandom
A look into the bond between Fandom and Fanfiction.

The Horrifyingly Horrifying History of Horror in Anime
Come learn the history of horror in anime!

Welcome to the Mystery Shack: Gravity Falls
Q&A with favorite characters & both sets of Pines Twins!


A Night in Phantomhive Manor
The cast of Black Butler wants your questions. Come ask!

Anime Review Workshop
Learn how to improve your anime reviews from a critic.

Battles Stranger Than Fiction
Compare cinema’s greatest battles to battles in real life.

Black Butler Tea Party
Join the Phantomhive household for a delightful tea party.

Chainmail: More Than Armor
Tools and materials provided for you to learn chainmail.

Come Join the Strawhats and Friends for a Fun Time!
Q&A panel, Truth & Dares (restricted), and charades.

Con Horrors (18+)
Cons of horrors past; come listen if you dare.

Cosplay Contest
Come view stunning craftsmanship by fellow cosplayers!

Grell and Undertakers Tea Time
Tea, Biscuits, and tons of laughter. What’s not to love?

Guide to RPing on Tumblr
Wanna RP on Tumblr? Come learn how!

Hogwarts Tea Party
Join Hogwarts’ Founders for a merry magical evening.

IFGS LARP Activity Room
Have fun with mini games that make our LARP special!

It’s a Gundam!
A fan-driven open discussion about the Gundam franchise.

Joe Inoue Concert
Joe Inoue performs at Izumicon!

Jojo’s Bizarre Panel
Get your best pose ready and let’s discuss some Jojos.

Like to sing? Belt out your favorite tunes and sing along with other singers.

Kazha Concert
Kazha performs at Izumicon!

K-Pop Random Dance Play
Test out your dance skills & knowledge of K-Pop choreography.

Leatherworking 101: Armor Building and More!
A beginner’s guide to leathercraft and armor.

Lolita Fashion Social
Socialize with Lolitas and learn more about the fashion.

Midnight Tarot
Learn about the history & get a reading while you’re here.

Morning Yoga
Relieve con stress! Stretch, relax, & get ready for the day!

Pit different elements of fandoms against each other.

My Life in Cosplay
A comedy panel about the laughs and horrors of cons.

Occultism in Anime
Comprehensive look into the religious aspects in Anime.

Owari No Seraph Q&A
A Q&A for the vampires and humans of Owari No Seraph

Pokémon Jeopardy
Jeopardy meets Pokémon. Which team will win?

Prop Making 101
Lecture on prop making by cosplayer Tyler Touchdown.

Toriel’s interactive lesson on puns and jokes.

Izumicon’s one and only techno dance party!

Rick and Morty’s Night Out
Fandom discussion on Rick and Morty. Raffle for prizes.

Riku’s House of Traitors
Fight against Riku’s minions and other teams to win.

Rob Paulsen: Man of a Thousand Voices
Hear the man who has uniquely voiced characters on- and off-screen for over 30 years.

Sailor Moon Mania
All about everyone’s favorite soldier of justice, Sailor Moon.

Ship to Ship Combat 18+
Compete head-to-head to find out whose OTP will win!

So You Want to be a Master: Pokemon Advanced Battles 101
Being the very best takes more than just four moves.

Stand-Up Con-edy: Take One
Stand-up comedy on topics related to con & geek culture.

Strawhats and Friends
see line 41 for details on this one

Take One Improv 101
This panel is an introduction to the basics of improv.

Take One Improv Comedy Show
A short-form improv comedy show by Take One Productions.

The Economics of Anime
Learn about how anime is funded and earns money.

The Five-ish Doctors Panel
Ask your favorite doctor about their adventures.

The Persona Appreciation Panel
Like the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series? So do we!

We the Accused 18+
You’re under arrest and must prove your innocence.

Wearing and Caring for Handmade Garments
Can I wash this? Find out at this informational Q&A session.

Welcome to Freddy Fazbears
This is a panel dedicated to Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Who’s the Better Setter?
Decide who the better setter is from the volleyball dorks.

Winners’ Circle Tea
(by invitation only) Cosplay Contest Winners’ Tea.

Women in Anime
Discuss portrayals of women in anime with the English VAs of some of your favorite characters!
Misogynists not welcome!

Your Yaoi Pleasure 18+
Come and enjoy the world of Yaoi with us.


Anime for Adults
Learn about the seinen and josei anime demographics.

Anime Tea Time
Sip tea and chat with your favorite anime character.

Anime Trivia
Show off your anime knowledge in this trivia game show.

Ask an Anime Character
Ever wanted to ask your favorite anime character a question? Now you can!

Build Your Own Riceball Workshop!
It’s like Build-a-Bear except with riceballs.

Closing Ceremonies
Join us for one last hurrah!

CG Animation vs. 2D Animation
The great war between the two styles renews at Izumicon!

Diamonds in the Rough
Come learn about some of the hidden gems of anime.

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Cosplay Online
Learn your way around buying cosplay items safely online.

Games with Anime & Anime with Games
A panel to talk about exactly what the title says.

Garment Making Study Hall
A workshop based on your interests. Bring current projects or questions.

Hallyu Wave: The History of K-Pop
Learn history of the cultural phenomenon called K-Pop.

J-Fashion: Then and Now
We will look at past, present, & rising fashion trends.

Kazha Q&A
Here’s your chance to catch world-hopping music sensation Kazha and ask any burning questions you have!

Trainers trade, battle, & chat about everything Pokemon.

Story Story Die 18+
Live storytelling, murder, and inappropriate content.

Streetpass Central
Bring your 3DS and meet up with other Miis.

Take One Improv 102
Develop diverse characters & advanced scenes.

Take One Lip-Sync Battle
Can’t sing? No problem! Performance is half of the battle.

The Beautiful World of Sakuga
Learn about the beauty of sakuga animation in anime.

The Sports Pages
Come join an open discussion about sports anime.

TPSA Weapon Building
Learn to make the weapons used by Tripoint Sparring Association.

Welcome to Xavier’s School for the Gifted
Join your favorite mutants as they get into shenanigans.

Wire Wrapping 101
Learn how to make wire jewelry.

Wonderful Wonder War
Madness and wonder everywhere you look in Wonderland.

Writers’ Discussion Panel
Writers’ interactive discussion panel.