Artist Alley

Director: Ashley
Keep order in the Artist Alley by ensuring that both artists and attendees are following the Artist Alley rules. Assist Artists and attendees in finding booths and answering Artist related questions.

Convention Operations

Director: Cisco
Stave off chaos, ensure weapons adhere to guidelines, and enforce Izumicon policies as needed.

Dealers Room

Director: Mark
Assist vendors with setup and crowd control, and help ensure attendees and vendors are following the rules of the convention.


Director: Tabitha
Help organize and run various panels and events at the convention, including the Cosplay Contest, Ball, and Reibu.

Guest Relations

Director: Meggan
Make sure guests enjoy the convention. Assist them in getting to events on time, getting fed, and exploring Oklahoma City.


Assist the marketing department, and help maintain website and social media networks.

Media Relations

Director: Joshua
Assist the Media Relations department and members of the press.


Director: Nickie & Nakitah
Registration serves as the front line for helping attendees start off the convention on the right foot. Assist attendees with checking in to the convention, picking up their badges and accepting their payment.


Director: Danielle
Help the Staffing director with staff time cards and maintaining the staff room.

Table Top Gaming

Director: Jeff
Run tournaments and maintain the game room.


Director: Brandt

Tech is the backbone of Izumicon and makes sure all events and panels have what they need to run smoothly when it comes to audio and video. Be backstage in all panels, concerts and special events, and be proud that you and your team made it all happen. A/V experience preferred but not necessary; we will teach you!

Video Gaming

Director: Adam
Challenge friends and family in relationship destroying tournaments! Staff in Video Gaming help run tournaments and keep the crowds under control. Duties also include maintaining games and consoles.

Video Rooms

Director: Ernest
Video Room staff handle showing everything from live action to classics to never before seen premieres.