If I turn 18 before the convention, do I still need to get my parents to sign a waiver?

  • Nope! So long as your 18th birthday is before January 6th, 2017, you do not need a waiver. However, if your birthday is on January 6th or after, even if it’s during the convention, you will need to submit your parental consent form.

Can I volunteer in two different departments?

  • We appreciate how excited you are to help out! Unfortunately, volunteering in two departments is way too much work for any one human, so we place every person in just one department.

Can I cosplay while volunteering?

  • Tricky question! Some departments allow cosplay while others don’t. It really depends on each director and if you are doing a job that can allow for cosplay.

When will I know what department I’m in?

  • Once your form has been processed and reviewed you will receive a confirmation email. This email is based on your meeting individual requirements and available slots within certain departments. Departments that require an in-person interview will need to have their interview done before placement can be made. If you attend a staff meeting to do your interview, then placement will be done that day. If you do not meet the interview requirement, then placement will be at the discretion of the staffing director.

Which department needs the most help?

  • Everyone could use more staff members! We’ll be sure to notify you if any departments you’ve selected fill up before the convention, but check out the departments page and choose what you think will be the best fit for you first.

Do I need to submit anything once I’ve turned in my application?

  • Nope! Some departments require an interview before officially making you part of their team, but don’t worry about things like resumes or cover letters. This is a volunteer organization and you’re meant to have fun with us! Resumes are decidedly not fun.

What do I get for volunteering?

  • You mean besides joining a family with some of the best people on Earth, the warm fuzzies from creating a wonderful experience for guests and attendees, and behind the scenes views of the best convention in Oklahoma? Well…
  • If you meet the minimum 18 hours required, you will be eligible to return to staff with a free staff badge for the next year.
  • As staff, you will also get access to cool parties and events, like the Dead Dog party on Sunday of the convention.

How many hours are we required to volunteer?

  • You are required to volunteer for 18 hours in order to qualify for your free staff badge for the following year.

I wasn’t able to make my 18 hours but I want to volunteer again!! What do I do?

  • If you worked less than 18 hours and you choose to return the following year, you will receive a discounted badge and be placed on probation. Probation will be lifted the following year if you work your allotted hours. If you miss making hours for a second year in a row, a full badge purchase will be required until full hours are met.

Oh no! I missed the deadline to submit my application! Is all hope lost?

  • If you missed the deadline, complete the application and email volunteers@izumicon.com with subject line “Izumicon Late Volunteer”. The staff director will help you contact your prospective department and see if they are still able to take on new recruits. If your preferred department isn’t accepting additional volunteers, we can see about moving you to a department needing more staffers.

I CAN VOLUNTEER?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I already bought my badge!

  • All Izumicon membership badges are non-refundable, but we have options! You can either transfer your current badge to someone else (by emailing registration@izumicon.com), or walk-in volunteer. It’s always better to experience the convention at least once before volunteering, so just checking out and attending the con in your first year may be helpful!

Something came up and I can no longer volunteer :( What should I do?

  • If you are unable to volunteer, we ask that you notify us by December 15, 2016. You can do this by sending an email to volunteers@izumicon.com with the subject line “Izumicon Cancellation”
  • If you do not contact us (and have no valid excuse), you may be unable to sign up for staff in future years.